FUTURA  9 LED Diagram

Photometric Diagram

FUTURA  9 LED Photometric Diagram
Luminaire efficiency: 81.8%
LED Driver Average Rated Life 50 000hrs
LED Life 50 000hrs (L70 F10,TP 65ºC)
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Conference rooms
  • Foyers
Product Features and Accessories
  • High colour rendering index CRI > 85
  • Colour temperature 4000K (3000K on request)
  • Small colour tolerance - MacAdam 3
  • VS LED module and driver
  • Ambient temperature: -25…+45ºC
  • Aluminium trim ring
  • Aluminium reflector
  • DALI/DSI and dimmable options available
  • Emergency options available
  • Available in 30 and 45 degrees
Specifiation Lumen @ 65ºC System Power Power Factor Current Dimensions
Cut Out D H
FUT9-16W-LED 2270 17.9W 0.98 420mA 125mm 140mm 120mm
Ingress Protection: Protection rating against dust and waterOperating voltageLuminaire can be fitted with an emergency moduleLuminaire can be fitted with a dimmable ballastSuitable for mounting on normally flammable surfaces such as wood. Max surface temp <90ºCElectrically insulated and earthed. In the event of a base insulation failure, exposed metal parts that could become live are protected by the earth.